Choosing the right luggage for your next trip

For some of us, choosing that perfect luggage that 1 fits in our personality and will make us comfortable is usually a headache. “Should l pick a backpack with a sternum strap or should I buy a suitcase without top and side handles?" And considering its major importance to having a pleasurable travel experience, you need to know how to choose a good baggage. Fortunately, in this article, we will be discussing on how to choose the right luggage for your next trip.

Suitcase Vs Backpack

Now this has always been a popular debate topic among travelers; while some people prefer suitcases, others will tell you backpacks are best for traveling. However, after a simple analysis, it is evidently obvious suitcases are ideal for travelers for packing their luggage. Here are just a few reasons why:

The convenience of wheels;

This alone is enough to pick suitcases over backpacks. Honestly, who will even prefer bulging down to their backpack's weight when they can satisfyingly roll their suitcases along? While it will save you a lot of energy, it will make you more comfortable and have an enjoyable travel experience.

Health convenience?

Some people don't have the physical ability to lift suitcases or backpacks while traveling; for instance, someone with a bad back will find it impossible to carry a backpack for a long time. Also, even while you might not have a bad back yet; you can prevent yourself from having one by sticking to suitcases.

Better Organization:

Having a properly organized luggage will always ensure you have a piece of mind while traveling. You wouldn't have to bother much about getting your luggage mixed up with someone else's luggage or forgetting one of your backpacks. Instead, all your belongings will be in clear view as soon as you open your suitcase.

Portray Professionalism;

A suitcase will always give you a more professional portrayal when you‘re traveling. Especially when you're on a business trip or you will be visiting a luxury hotel.

Safety convenience;

Hard cases [suitcases] provide so many benefits for safety and durability to every traveler. Now, you should see why suitcases will always be better than backpacks. However, it's one thing to pick a suitcase and another to pick a good suitcase. You will need to pick a good suitcase if you really intend to have a good travel experience.

Factors to consider when picking a suitcase for your next trip

Most of these factors solely depend on the items you plan on taking along. Some people might want their suitcases with pouches or straps for tents, sleeping bags, hiking poles etc. Other people (business travelers might prefer something with easy access to laptops and files. While Fashionistas will always want something that will prevent wrinkling and can steadily hold their clothes.

The key is to think ahead of your trip. Will you need to check your bags constantly or will you be requiring it for business purposes? Generally, here are some factors you might need to consider:


One of the most important factors you always have to consider when purchasing a suitcase is the size of the suitcase. It will be a nightmare to buy a suitcase that is too big to be managed physically, while it will also be pointless to get one that will be too small to hold essential items.

There are a few guidelines you can consider that will help you to pick a suitcase with the perfect size and they include;

Always ensure the overall suitcase size is limited to your physical ability; especially because there might be times when there will be no one around to assist you to lift it.

Ensure your suitcase size meets the requirements of the airline you will be traveling with. This is because different airlines have different size requirements.

it is essential you also test your suitcase to ensure its functioning properly before traveling with it. Some important parts you might check are the zippers, the fabric's strength, and the handle.


The recommended way to ensure your luggage is safe and to minimize loss is by getting yourself a travel insurance Also, try not to pack valuables along with you if you can't keep a direct eye on them.

However, apart from insurance and keeping a direct eye on your luggage, another way to effectively secure your suitcase is by purchasing one with extra security features. Consider investing in durable and sturdy travel locks, shrink wrapping, and cable ties. Be careful, though; a suitcase with a lot of expensive security mechanisms might just attract unnecessary attention.


Most suitcases nowadays have a lot of features; each either affecting protection, transportation or packing. One thing you need to remember is the more the features, the heavier the bag.

In case you will be packing for a kg baggage allowance, consider a minimalist suitcase is your best option. If packing light is your choice, then go for a suitcase that weighs less than 2kg or 5lb.


Having a quality suitcase does not require hundreds of dollars. The most important thing to look out for is the ability to endure the hustle and bustle of travels. All in all, the features you will be looking out for will all depend on your destination, activities and travel style.

According to Marcy Rader, it is very necessary to travel with only high-quality luggage. A low-quality luggage can directly impact your travel experience negatively. Imagine running down the terminals and your handle suddenly breaks; how will you feel?


You can't expect good travel luggage to be cheap. Have it in mind that travel luggage isn't an average suitcase especially if you will be traveling to long destinations. Most people even consider it as a portable wardrobe while traveling.

Quality attracts high prices. Look for the best recommendations from other travelers and pick a suitcase that will ease your travels. Most times, expensive bags will come with some kind of warranty.

In conclusion, bringing a small luggage scale along with you before you get to the airport is very ideal. It will help you avoid extra charges and ensure you are below the weight limit.

Also, packing organizers can be really helpful in simplifying the packing process. Some packing organizers can even let you pack and unpack in a few seconds.