How to find the best deals on high-quality, affordable luggage

According to statistics, retail luggage sales in North America have grown between 2010 and 2015 by 3.7 percent. ln dollar terms, this represents an impressive $8.64 billion in sales in the year 2015 alone.

You don’t need to buy expensive luggage in order to get some high-quality, reliable products. There are good deals of affordable luggage, including carry-ons, duffle bags, luggage sets, suitcases, and more, if you know how and where to look for them.

The main concern for the everyday consumer is about how to select the right type of luggage for their needs. When faced with so many luggage options, you need to know what features to skip and what attributes to look for. Faced with inexpensive luggage options, you need to know if the deal provides good value for your money. We will share here {} some tips on how to find the best luggage for your money.

Desirable quality is not always to be found in a designer label
You don’t have the guarantee to get better quality if paying more for your Luggage just because it is a fancy brand. However, designer labels always mean a higher price. A similarly made bag can be three times or more cheaper than a luxury brand. The company will usually advertise if the brand is important to market, like any in business. The advertising costs will inevitably go into the cost of the product.

Warranty is important

For many customers warranty is a feature that might not sound so exciting as, let’s say. a water-proof fabric. However, warranty is, in fact, among the first features you have to consider. Shoppers can find products that fit any need on today's limitless market. But warranty is a feature that differentiates the various offers. Especially if you are planning on long-term use, you have to check out the manufacturer's warranty policy. A generous warranty policy can also be a good indicator of product's durability. A manufacture who offers a longer warranty has more confidence that the luggage is durable and is going to hold up well over a long period of use.

Luggage material options

Material-wise, if you are looking for the good deal, backpack cloth isn't going to make it. Many travelers prefer lighter bags even if hard cases are still popular. While your luggage need not be bullet-proofing, it still needs to be able to pass a critical stress test called TSA. For instance, high denier ballistic nylon is a thicker material that makes your luggage much less likely to scuff or rip. Due to its extreme durability, this is among the best materials for luggage design today, providing resistance to punctures, tearing, and abrasions.

Check for good handles

Many bags have one flaw in common. They come with retractable handles that were not designed with durability in mind. Around 90 percent of wheeled luggage' warranty claims account for broken handles. The reason for this is that the inside of the handle is made of cheaply cast zinc parts. It's true that it is not easy to check the inside of the handle for durability. However, the best you can do is to ensure that the handle is long enough for your reach and expands and retracts smoothly. You can skip the retractable handle all together and choose instead some luggage with a carry handle.

Tech-friendly luggage

Some luggage sets feature waterproof pouches designed for toiletries. They have the role to protect against spills inside the bag. However, the most innovative new bag designs aim to also protect your electronic gear. Luggage manufacturers are adapting to our growing reliance upon technology. Our tablets, laptops and smartphones are accommodated by the travel gear that comes with protective pockets or even with portable chargers for laptop and cell phone batteries.

 Luggage zippers

It is important for consumers that the Luggage’s functional parts are sound. One of the risks of poor quality bags are zippers that burst without warning. A great zipper is the one that work effortlessly and is durable. It is recommended to avoid thin plastic or cheap metal zippers that could be difficult to repair in your future.

Wheeled luggage

You need to be aware of the fact that, usually, cheap wheels will wear out fast. In order to ensure you get the best wheels for your luggage, it is recommended to look for a large wheel base. Sealed ball bearing systems are the best type of wheel.


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